Clippingpath 3M Privacy Policy

CLIPPING PATH 3M acquires only specific and customized data on its website visitors when such information is supplied of your own accord. However, CLIPPING PATH 3M may, from time, gather generic information only to control the achievement and usefulness of its website. This generic information, which does not disclose the identity of the visitor, may include: what web site the visitor visited, how much time people spend on various pages of the site, visitors’ domain name types (.com, .org, etc.), and the originating web page of the visitor. CLIPPING PATH 3M uses this information to determine customer service needs. In the future, CLIPPING PATH 3M may upsurge its technical abilities for gathering data about visitors in order to improve the services offered to visitors and customers. CLIPPING PATH 3M aims to meet the needs of the client by strictly following the instructions provided by the client. If there occur any error in the work because of a miscommunication, CLIPPING PATH 3M will put up the client’s needs by redoing the work with free of cost. However, under no circumstances, CLIPPING PATH 3M will be responsible for any direct, obscure or significant damage that may be caused by such problems.

This privacy policy will be sporadically updated to reflect any such changes to CLIPPING PATH 3M ’s practices. CLIPPING PATH 3M will not sell or reveal information obtained about its visitors to anyone outside unless authorized by the visitor. A1clippingpath does not send “junk” e-mail, also known as “spam”. In certain instances, when CLIPPING PATH 3M wishes to contact customers via e-mail, respond to messages, confirm acquisitions, or convey information requested by a visitor, CLIPPING PATH 3M will use e-mail. Any time a customer or visitor receives an e-mail which it does not want from CLIPPING PATH 3M, the customer can request that CLIPPING PATH 3M does not send such e-mail. CLIPPING PATH 3M technical team in fully concern to protect system from any kind of “virus” or “bugs”.

CLIPPING PATH 3M wants its customers to feel that their privacy would be protected when visitors access their online account or obtaining services from CLIPPING PATH 3M. Because CLIPPING PATH 3M wants accuracy in the information it obtains and uses about its customers, CLIPPING PATH 3M will effort to verify its data and will ask its customers to notify it of any inaccuracies or mistakes of which they may become conscious through their online account data and bills.